February 17, 2021

Join the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) for a webinar with Francesca Batault, SSH’19 and Charles Allen, Director of Partnerships at IEP.

The topic of discussion will be the IEP’s recently released inaugural Ecological Threat Register. This report measures the ecological threats countries are currently facing and provides projections to 2050. The Ecological Threat Register uniquely combines measures of resilience with the most comprehensive ecological data available, to shed light on the countries least likely to cope with extreme ecological shocks. It analyses risk from population growth, water stress, food insecurity, droughts, floods, cyclones, rising temperatures and sea levels.

This will be an interactive webinar and questions are encouraged.

Themes for discussion:

– Data on environmental indicators to estimate which countries, regions, and areas are most vulnerable to environment-induced conflict.

– How many countries are vulnerable to ecological threats, and how many people could be displaced globally by ecological disasters in the next 30 years?