January 28, 2022

The Institute for Economics and Peace invites you to attend Peace as a Vital Sign of Public Health: Building Positive Peace in the United States

Despite exhaustive study of violence and crime data in the United States, the country remains mired in violence and limited awareness of effective strategies to prevent it. While many still choose to look outward, it is time to look inward and take decisive action to build much needed peace across the U.S. The session is designed to be solutions oriented, and likely bring about significant challenges for each panelist and the group as a whole as they grapple with issues that shape the future of America. For example, questions like, “Why is this happening?” What can we do about the violence?” “What can local officials do about the root causes of violence?” “How does police reform fit into this?” and “What is working and what is not working?” will stimulate healthy discussion, deep thought and suggestions for ways to address these questions.


  • Mr. Michael Collins – Executive Director (Americas Institute for Economics and Peace)
  • Sheriff Tommy Wooten – Sheriff (Pasquotank County, North Carolina)
  • Shapan Roberts – Director (Los Angeles City Attorney’s Dispute Resolution Program)
  • Rev. Matt Hennessee – Senior Pastor (Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church of Portland)
  • Perry Bradley Jr. – Founder & CEO (Building Better Communities)
  • Ms. Lisa Broderick – Executive Director (Police to Peace)

AfP is offering free tickets to local peacebuilders as well as reduced conference tickets for students.