January 27, 2022

The Institute for Economics and Peace invites you to attend Yes, You Can Teach Peace: Equipping Educators to Inspire Youth-Led Local Peacebuilding hosted with NewGen Peacebuilders and the Educators Institute for Human Rights.

With levels of polarization, misinformation, and civil unrest increasing globally, formal educational systems can play a crucial role in combating structural violence and building positive peace at the community-level. This expert panel will discuss ways peace education can be achieved through curriculum development, partnerships, programs, and beyond. How can educators leverage these existing systems in order to develop concrete strategies? What are ways NGOs and CSOs can contribute and foster a network of support? Panelists will present practical solutions and share examples of educators who are implementing peace education frameworks and working on youth-led peace projects from all over the world.


  • Ms. Kate English – Executive Director (EIHR)
  • Ms. Patricia Shafer – Executive Director NewGen Peacebuilders
  • Coleen Tambuscio – Coordinator of the Dispatches Project (EIHR)
  • Mr. Michael Collins – Executive Director Americas Institute for Economics and Peace

AfP is offering free tickets to local peacebuilders as well as reduced conference tickets for students.