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We provide tailored research and in-depth insights for global organisations, through comprehensive reports and diverse research methodologies.

Access a realm of strategic insights via our comprehensive global reports.

Elevate your organisation’s decision-making processes with IEP’s data-driven insights, expertly designed to guide you through complex challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. Our team is adept at managing bespoke research projects, having worked alongside some of the world’s leading corporations and international organisations. Our commitment to excellence has consistently yielded significant value and profound insights for our partners.

IEP’s tailored global reports provide in-depth analyses and perspectives across a wide range of critical issues, delivering indispensable intelligence to multilateral organisations, governmental bodies, developmental agencies, and foundations. These insights support clients in making well-informed decisions, grounded in comprehensive data and rigorous analysis.

Our global reports are the product of exhaustive research and sophisticated data analysis, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and timeliness. We also utilise a diverse array of research methodologies, including workshops, focus groups, interviews, and on-the-ground field research, to gather nuanced insights. IEP stands as a globally recognised authority for those in search of a more profound comprehension of international affairs and global dynamics, making us the premier choice for insightful, actionable intelligence.

Global report examples
The Orange Bond Initiative

Bridging Gender Equality, Sustainable Development, and Peace

Safety Perceptions Index 2023

Measuring peace in a complex world.

UNESCO We Need to Talk

Measuring intercultural dialogue for peace and inclusion

Navigate complex global events with our short briefings.

IEP’s short briefings offer an indispensable consultative resource for organisations seeking to navigate complex global events with confidence and strategic foresight. Clients gain access to not only the latest intelligence, but also actionable recommendations tailored to their specific industry and operational context.

These briefings are tailored to deliver critical analysis and risk assessment, enabling decision-makers to understand the implications of current events on their operations and strategic interests. Leveraging a blend of data-driven research and expert analysis, our briefings serve as a powerful tool for organisations to stay ahead of potential threats and make informed decisions in a rapidly changing world.

Short briefing examples
Education & Peace Briefing

Education: A path to a peaceful future

Ukraine Russia Crisis: Terrorism Briefing

Terrorism increases with the intensity of conflict.

Afghanistan Conflict & Crisis

Why conflict will most likely continue?

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