Dynamic Data Dashboards

Dynamic data dashboards that provide decision-makers with powerful, data-driven insights and interactive visuals.

IEP offers a flexible and transformative approach that brings data to life for its clients.

At IEP, we excel in designing dynamic data dashboards that not only provide decision-makers with powerful, data-driven insights, but also engage external audiences with captivating, interactive visuals customised to meet their specific requirements.

Our dashboards draw from meticulously selected, authoritative data sources, organised to facilitate insightful analysis. Users can navigate through various filters, engaging with the latest data across a broad spectrum of national and subnational regions, indicators, and fields.

Leveraging our extensive database of over 100,000 datasets encompassing economic, political, social, developmental, ecological, and conflict-related dimensions, IEP enables clients to bypass the extensive time and financial resources typically required for data collection and standardisation. This approach guarantees a cost-efficient, evidence-based strategy for our clients.

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IEP has built a reputation for being a trusted advisor on economic, financial and attitudinal data for international development. IEP works with clients that include the United Nations, the World Bank and the OECD.

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