Building capacity through project and policy design, inclusive dialogue, and the strengthening of leadership skills needed to enact change.

Access training and educational programs focused on peace, development, and resilience.

The Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) has revolutionised how data drives global action through its Positive Peace framework. Working alongside various global and local partners, IEP offers trainings and academic programs to a wide range of groups, empowering communities with the knowledge needed to enact change.

IEP’s training programs are designed for communities, policymakers, law enforcement, civil society organisations, teaching them how to apply the Positive Peace framework to effectively tackle their most significant challenges. Our goal is to empower these groups to become the architects of their own peace, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge.

Specialising in in-depth training and educational programs, IEP focuses on enabling participants to lead their peace, development, and resilience initiatives. Our curriculum encourages the development of systemic solutions through project and policy design, fostering inclusive dialogue, and strengthening leadership skills, ensuring participants are well-equipped to drive positive change in their communities.

Empirically derived

  • IEP's data-driven, objective programs are delivered by expert facilitators and specialists in peace, development, and data science, ensuring a human-centered approach to implementing frameworks.


  • Our programs are centered on systems-thinking, accelerating peace and development by teaching participants how to contribute to holistic, systemic change.


  • IEP's trainings unite stakeholders to design systemic change, focusing on strengths and positive momentum, partnering with organizations to empower participants as architects of change.

Bespoke and flexible

  • Our programs are customised for each group, working closely with partners to adapt to diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages, and abilities.

Training programs

IEP’s trainings can help in building capacity through project design, policy making, building common language, and reinforcing leadership.

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Education programs

Our education programs are designed to empower individuals and institutions with the tools and insights needed to drive positive change.

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Our global impact

100k workshop attendees
500k people impacted
4,500+ IEP Ambassadors
20,000 hrs of service

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