Societal Systems

Our Halo product combines Positive Peace and systems thinking to offer actionable insights for driving societal change and development.

Map the inner mechanisms of societal systems, identifying key patterns and dynamics.

IEP’s Halo product merges Positive Peace with systems thinking to simplify and enhance your organisation’s approach to social change. This innovative service demystifies the complex workings of societal systems, providing clear insight and actionable strategies for building peace and development.

Halo maps the inner mechanisms of societal systems, identifying key patterns and dynamics. Combined with Positive Peace’s focus on creating conditions that address the roots of conflict, our service empowers organisations to enact meaningful change. We offer practical tools and insights for navigating societal complexities, aiming to shift patterns towards positive outcomes with tailored strategies for improvement.

Our approach acknowledges the unpredictable nature of human societies, focusing on actionable insights over rigid facts. With Halo, you gain a partner in building more peaceful, prosperous communities through a deep understanding of how to effectively drive social progress.


  • A thorough understanding of the system allows institutions to tailor their structures to meet specific needs and enables informed policy decisions.


  • Halo, shaped by a decade of IEP research on Positive Peace and systems thinking, offers a practical approach to system analysis and is grounded in real-world analysis.


  • Halo offers an adaptive approach based on factors like societal size & analysis sophistication, accommodating various project needs, strengths, and time constraints.


  • Halo's modularity allows for assessing societal systems at all scales, supporting iterative analysis for relevance and adaptability in future assessments.

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