Integrating Peace

Incorporating the principles of Positive Peace for impactful humanitarian and development aid, and long-term sustainable peace.

Access the tools needed to integrate peace into humanitarian or development initiatives.

IEP provides comprehensive services to organisations aiming to integrate peace into their humanitarian or development initiatives. Through our integrated peace solutions initiative, we collaborate with partners from the early planning stages through to the implementation phase, incorporating the principles of Positive Peace into a wide range of humanitarian and development projects.

Our approach recognises that programs across various sectors—whether in education, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism, healthcare, or other critical areas—have the potential to be powerful conduits for peace. By integrating Positive Peace into the fabric of these initiatives, organisations can achieve their specific objectives while also contributing to the building of long term peacefulness. This dual-focus approach ensures that humanitarian and development efforts not only address immediate needs but also create an environment where sustainable peace can flourish.

IEP’s expertise and methodologies offer a unique advantage to partners, guiding them in embedding peace-building strategies into their programs. This holistic approach not only amplifies the impact of individual projects but also aligns them with broader goals of peace and development, creating a synergistic effect that benefits both communities and the global pursuit of peace.

Integrating peace solutions

Embedding Positive Peace for impactful humanitarian and development aid.

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