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Leveraging the Positive Peace framework and a systems approach to drive innovative solutions for critical community challenges.

Access capacity building and participant-driven results through our range of training sessions.

IEP partners with a broad spectrum of stakeholders—ranging from communities and policymakers to law enforcement and civil society organisations—leveraging the Positive Peace framework to drive innovative solutions for critical community challenges.

Our mission is to empower communities and organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge to forge their paths to peace. Through IEP’s training programs, participants gain the capacity to design impactful projects, craft effective policies, foster a shared understanding, and strengthen leadership abilities.

Our training sessions are designed to encourage participant-driven dialogue and results, covering key areas as follows:

1. Project Design

  • Participants learn to design or enhance social impact projects, understanding frameworks, assessing contexts, and honing project design skills.

2. Policy Design

  • For business executives, local government actors, national-level policy makers and others to increase inclusive cooperation and implement systems-thinking.

3. Shared Language & Dialogue

  • Enhance inclusive dialogue, engage stakeholders, and establish a common understanding to collaboratively design future strategies.

4. Leadership Development

  • This leader-focused training adopts a train-the-trainer model, teaching the Positive Peace framework and enhancing participants' abilities to educate others on the concept.

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