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We excel in crafting pivotal indices like the Global Peace Index, offering comprehensive, data-driven insights for informed policy and strategic decisions.

IEP offers a flexible and transformative approach that brings data to life for its clients. 

Composite indices serve as powerful tools for advocacy, merging diverse data sets into a single, standardised measure. This streamlined methodology allows policymakers to effortlessly track changes and trends, empowering them with the data needed for informed strategic decision-making.

IEP is renowned for creating the Global Peace Index (GPI), the foremost global indicator of the absence of violence and fear of violence. By synthesising 23 indicators into one composite index, the GPI offers a comprehensive ranking of nations.

In addition to the GPI, IEP develops other pivotal global indices, including the Global Terrorism Index and the Positive Peace Report, along with specialised subnational indices for the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Germany, showcasing our commitment to providing nuanced insights at both global and local levels.

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IEP has built a reputation for being a trusted advisor on economic, financial and attitudinal data for international development for clients including the United Nations, World Bank, and OECD.

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