Country Analysis

We deliver customisable and data-rich country reports that provide essential insights for strategic organisational decision-making.

Access a realm of strategic insights via our country-focused reports.

IEP’s flagship reports are customisable to address specific country-related issues, providing essential insights for strategic decision-making. If you require a custom country report with focused analysis on particular areas of interest, our team is ready to assist.

At the heart of IEP’s operations lies our innovative suite of bespoke applications, designed to aggregate and manage an extensive collection of over 100,000 datasets spanning economic, political, social, development, ecological, violence and conflict dimensions from over 220 countries and territories.

These applications are updated weekly to integrate the latest data releases, ensuring our reports reflect the most current insights for our clients. This rigorous process underscores our commitment to delivering precise, actionable intelligence tailored to your strategic needs.

Example country reports
Mexico Peace Index 2023
German Peace Index 2020
UK Peace Index 2013

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