Research is central to our mission, driven by a dedicated team developing global and national indices.

Research and Positive Peace are the twin engines propelling the Institute for Economics & Peace.

Our research team is at the heart of IEP’s mission, led  by its landmark work on Positive Peace, a transformational concept that identifies eight critical factors – Pillars of Positive Peace – for establishing enduring peace. Based on extensive data analysis and empirically based, Positive Peace shifts the focus away from the negative to the positive aspects that create the conditions for a society to flourish. 

Due to its systemic nature, improvements in Positive Peace not only strengthen peace, but are also associated with many other desirable outcomes for society, such as higher GDP growth, better measures of wellbeing and greater resilience. Through a prism of Positive Peace, IEP’s research is fundamentally changing ways of thinking about global issues.

Measuring Peace

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  • Measuring peace at the global and national level allows us to assess the social, political and economic factors that create peace.

Economics of Peace

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  • The economic impact of violence offers insights into the economic benefits resulting from improvements in peace.

Positive Peace

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  • Positive Peace describes the attitudes, structures and institutions that underpin and sustain peaceful societies.

Risk & Ecology

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  • The risk model allows a deep understanding of the resilience of nations towards internal and external shocks.
Research & Reports
Global Terrorism Index 2024

Measuring the impact of terrorism

Ecological Threat Report 2023

Analysing Ecological Threats & Peace

Global Peace Index 2023

Measuring peace in a complex world