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We excel in custom global research projects, addressing critical issues. Collaborating with major government organizations, we consistently deliver valuable insights.

Whether you require an insightful approach to address your challenges, or to make the most of an opportunity, we are here to support you. 

Specialising in data-driven research, we empower our clients, governments, and international donors with unparalleled insights. By harnessing the power of information, we deliver comprehensive insights that guide strategic decision-making and foster positive change. 

Our commitment to evidence-based policymaking ensures tailored interventions addressing socio-economic factors. From comprehending the economic impacts of violence to analysing the consequences of extremism, our research confronts global challenges. 

Our technical data consultancy provides the necessary insights for informed decision-making, ensuring your organization navigates challenges and progresses strategically. We streamline the handling of vast datasets, optimizing precision and efficiency from collection to analysis.

Recognising the uniqueness of each organization, our consultants collaborate closely to deliver tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your distinct challenges and objectives. 




We excel in custom global research projects, addressing critical issues.

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Unlock exclusive country specific insights with our custom country reports.

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IEP offers a flexible and transformative approach that brings data to life for its clients.

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IEP has built a reputation for being a trusted advisor on economic, financial and attitudinal data for international development. High-profile peace and data consulting clients including the United Nations, World Bank, OECD and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). The Institute’s highly trained researchers, data scientists and communications experts are skilled in parsing complexity and transforming findings into actionable insights.

At IEP, we are dedicated to providing impactful solutions through meticulous research, shaping a future grounded in informed decisions and lasting positive transformation.
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