ETR Launch With CCCPA


ETR Launch With CCCPA

CCCPA in partnership with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) will host a training on Climate Peace and Security in Peace Operations in Cairo between 3 - 7 March.

The training aims to strengthen the capacities of trainers in French-speaking peacekeeping training centers, through providing a better understanding of the risks to peace and security imposed by climate change in Africa.

In parallel, IEP Serge Stroobants, Director for Europe & MENA will be presenting the Ecological Threat Report 2023 followed by a guest lecture.


  • Serge Stroobants, Director IEP Europe & MENA Region
  • Ahmed Abdel Latif, Director-General, CCCPA
  • Nazanine Moshiri, Senior Analyst, Climate, Environment and Conflict, International Crisis Group
  • Libakiso Matlho, Director of African Union Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development Center
  • Catherine Wong, Global Team Leader, Climate and Security Risk - UNDP
  • Tendai Kasinganeti, Climate Security Advisor, AU PAPS


  • Sarah Rabie, Lead on Climate, Security and Development, CCCPA
3-7 March 2024 1:30 PM EET / 11:30 AM UTC
Location Cairo, Egypt
Hosted by
Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding (CCCPA)

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