International Conference and POP Festival for Youth-Led Climate Action


International Conference and POP Festival for Youth-Led Climate Action

Stimulating the ever-growing scale of youth-led actions around the world, the POP Festival seeks to be a diversity-friendly platform where stakeholders from all the sectors and sections of the society assemble to share their ideas of innovation and futuristic solutions to combat the threatening issues of the environment.

Adolescents and young people are mobilizing action across nations and they hold the potential to spearhead the journey to Protect Our Planet. Youth leadership can only be enabled when their involvement and activism is supported, encouraged and mentored by different stakeholders in society. Establishing this relationship will be a step towards a comprehensive approach to tackling issues at hand and will also go a long way in slowly transforming the development process.

A Platform for Young Innovators and Changemakers

POP Festival is a platform for the youth who strive to build conviction on the dire need to mobilize action and build a social movement for combating the issue of climate change and environmental degradation. If you consider yourself a YOUNG INNOVATOR and/or a CHANGEMAKER, sign up to present your project/initiative that you have designed!

It is also open for ALL, including scientists, academics, business people, and government leaders.

3 February 2024
Location India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India
Hosted by
The POP Movement

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